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Food in Barcelona

Food in Barcelona Traveling in Barcelona is wonderful for many reasons. There is history around every corner and architecture to delight anyone. There are virtually endless things to see and do that will make your trip memorable. To round out your trip, it’s fun to sample the local cuisine. Here are five dishes that you simply cannot leave Barcelona without trying once.


Paella is a Spanish dish that features chicken, shrimp, rice and saffron, as well as vegetables like peas and red peppers and spices like paprika. The dish is traditionally served in a shallow dish and is a mouthwatering sight to behold. You’ll never be sorry when you try the paella at 7 Portes, a restaurant that gets top spots on many foodie lists.


Albondigas, otherwise known as meatballs, are a must when you visit Barcelona. There are many variations of this comfort food, but you’ll find that most of them make ground beef, garlic, tomatoes and onion the stars of the show. Sometimes they also contain carrots or bell peppers and a range of spices. Algondigas are often served in sauce and you’ll find the best version at the many food stalls scattered among the weekend food markets that crop up in Barcelona.

Patatas Bravas

This dish is commonly served as part of the tapas menu at restaurants all over Barcelona. El 58 is a prime place to sample this local delight. The restaurant is dedicated to tapas and you’ll find patatas bravas done just right here. The dish consists of fried potatoes served in a spicy sauce made from tomatoes or aioli.

Gambas al Ajillo

These are garlic prawns and will change your life with just one taste. This simple dish is packed with flavor and is very common on restaurant menus in Barcelona. When you want to try the best plate of gambas al ajillo in all of Barcelona, get a table at Buenes Aires Grill Restaurant. They get rave reviews for their garlic prawns!

Bacalla amb Samfaina

This dish is a delicious creation of salted cod and is the Catalan version of ratatouille. You won’t find a huge amount of herbs in this dish, but instead the delicious flavors of the cod, the olive oil and the salt are allowed to shine through. Sometimes you’ll find the cod served in a sauce or on a plate of veggies. You can’t miss the version served at La Tertullia in the La Poblenou neighborhood.

Try Churros If You Get The Chance

You cannot visit Barcelona without trying churros. This wonderful cigar shaped rigged doughnut style dessert cake is best dipped in thick chocolate sauce. Cafes dedicated to churros are all over the city.

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