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Psiri neighbourhood Psiri is not as popular as many of the other locations in Athens, but it is quiet, which makes it a good place to stay while you explore the rest of the city. This is not a place where kids will be entertained and/or thrilled about visiting. It has a quiet adult feel, which is echoed into the night. It was originally a place where workshops and factories were the main feature, but once it became zoned for nightlife, the area came alive.

Finding Food in Psiri

During the day, it is actually rather tricky to find food. There are restaurants and cafes open, but they are usually deserted during the day on weekdays. They only come alive at night and on the weekend. If the area is particularly busy for one reason or another, then you may notice the cafes and restaurants more, but otherwise you will have to search in order to get a good meal.

Psiri comes Alive At Night

After around 6pm, you will start to see tables and chairs appearing outside, and even a few car parks will suddenly become dining and drinking areas. Each restaurant and bar seems to have its own style, which is refreshing if you have been in Greece on an extended holiday. As a result, you will see a series of different decors and experience a number of different music genres in the bars. Many of the bars are small, but each has its own theme. Psiri is also one of the few places in Greece where you can find local microbrew beers, where you may buy small beer kegs, and where you may enjoy a rich range of foreign beers.

The Graffiti And Dilapidation

Some visitors dislike the graffiti in Psiri, and the daylight does highlight how dilapidated the buildings are. It is a stark contrast to places such as Plaka, Monastiraki, Kolonaki and places where the architecture is a reason to visit. It is easy to get lost in the darkly-lit alleys and narrow streets. Some people describe it as very urban, and if it is a busy night, one could be forgiven for calling it buzzing or vibrant. It can get rather dirty a few hours into the night, and the dark streets may be reason enough for you to call a taxi instead of trying to walk back to your hotel. It is not picturesque, or pretty, but the sheer variety of bars and restaurants makes it worthy of a visit after 6pm.

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