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Advice on hotels

Advice on hotels The star rating is a little different in Greece than what you may expect in Western Europe and the US. For example, a hotel may still rank as three stars or higher, even if its toilet facilities are comprised of holes in the ground (no sit-down toilets). The standards are a little lower when compared with other countries.

Hotels in Athens are expensive, but when compared with other countries such as Britain, the US, France, Sweden and so forth, they are actually comparatively cheaper. If your hotel has a room safe, then that is a big plus because carrying too much around with you is a bad idea in Athens.

Check consumer ratings rather than star and key ratings because online consumer reviews are often more accurate. Remember that some people post negative reviews for the hell of it, so don’t take every word you read to be true.

Sweet Home Hotel

Patroou 5, | Plaka, Athens 10557, it is close to many of the attractions, and is not too far away from the nightlife, which means you do not have to get a taxi back. It has a touch of luxury, but both this and the location mean it is more expensive than most hotels in the area. The graffiti makes the local area look like a tough neighborhood, but it is not.

Athens Status Suites

Petraki 28, Athens 10563, this is an overpriced hotel that is still very popular. The service is very good, but the location and rooms are not so great. The location is good, but the actual entrance is in an alley. It also has problems such as malfunctioning safes. It is a fine place to stay, but is overpriced and over promoted. Your views will not be as good as what you see on their adverts. It is a good place, but has a luxury price tag.

Electra Palace Athens

Navarhou Nikodimou 18-20 | Athens, Plaka, this is a frighteningly expensive hotel that is probably the best in all of Athens. The only problem is that the staff are dismissive, and the five star rating is deceiving. By most other standards, it would be a three star hotel. Nevertheless, the view and the rooms are great.

Hotel Marie

100 Zoodochou Pigis, Athens 114 73, it is pokey and in an inconvenient location, but it is one of the best economy hotels in Athens. Each room has its own distinct flavor, and the staff are very nice. It is near Omonia square, and there are some nice pubs around, but the general location is not ideal for tourists, which is why the room price is so low.

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