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Barcelona Flights

Barcelona second airport (Girona) Getting a flight to Barcelona is easy, and it is often quicker than taking a train, even considering check-in times and luggage collection. It is almost always more expensive than taking a train or coach, but that is the sacrifice you make for getting there quicker. The Barcelonian airport is popular all year round and is busy during most of the day. It is usually at its busiest between 9am and 2pm, after which, you will see the crowds start to dissipate. It is known as the Barcelona–El Prat Airport and it may be found 12 km southwest of Barcelona’s centre.

Flights from London to Barcelona

The average cost of a flight is between £100 and £170, and the flights usually take between two hours five minutes to two hours fifteen minutes.

  • Vueling - 2h 5m
  • Ryanair - 2h 15m
  • Iberia - 2h 5m
  • British Airways - 2h 5m
  • Easy Jet - 2h 5m
  • Norwegian Air International - 2h 0m

Flights from Rome to Barcelona

Getting to Barcelona from Rome is comparatively quick, but your choice of airline will strongly affect how much you pay for your flight. All non-stop flights spend less than two hours in the sky.

  • Vueling - 1h 50m from 155 Euros
  • Ryanair - 1h 55m from 159 Euros
  • Iberia - 1h 50m from 201 Euros
  • British Airways - 1h 50m from 221 Euros
  • Alitalia - 1h 50m from 256 Euros
  • Air Europe - 1h 50m from 291 Euros

Flights from Madrid to Barcelona

There are only three airlines that run from Madrid to Barcelona. The price varies dramatically depending on when you buy your ticket. Many people prefer to take a Renfe train because even though it takes over two and a half hours on the train, it is still faster than taking a flight because the check-in and check-out process is so long. It may also work out cheaper if you take the train.

  • Iberia - 1h 10m from 71 Euros
  • Vueling - 1h 15m from 121 Euros
  • Air Europe - 1h 20m from 127 Euros

Flights from Malta to Barcelona

Getting from Malta to Barcelona is a little tricky. There are only six commercial flights per week, and they usually take around two hours and ten minutes. If you take connecting flights, you will have more options, but your flight times will extend to more than four hours. All of the non-stop flights are undertaken by the Vueling airline. They are a low-cost Spanish airline based at El Prat de Llobregat in Greater Barcelona.

Flights from Paris to Barcelona

There are numerous flights from Paris to Barcelona. Part of the reason is because Paris is a big city with a busy airport, and the other reason is that the train takes over six hours, when a flight takes just under two.

  • Ryanair - 1h 50m from 150 Euros
  • Vueling - 1h 35m from 190 Euros
  • Transavia - 1h 40m from 206 Euros Easy Jet - 1h 45m from 237 Euros
  • Air France - 1h 40m from 254 Euros
  • Iberia - 1h 35m from 262 Euros
  • British Airways - 1h 35m from 272 Euros

Flights from Amsterdam to Barcelona

There are a few airlines that run flights from Amsterdam to Barcelona. They all take the same route and all take two hours and ten minutes.

  • Vueling - 160 Euros
  • Transavia - 198 Euros
  • KLM - 205 Euros
  • Iberia - 211 Euros
  • British Airways - 211 Euros

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