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Kolonaki neighbourhood Kolonaki is situated just past the Benaki museum, coming from the National Gardens. It is a chic and upmarket residential and shopping area that hugs Lykabettus hill (today inhabited with Athenian socialites). Walking to kolonaki takes about 20 minutes from Syntagma and a half hour from Plaka.

Kolonaki is a beautiful square where you enjoy delicious coffees people watch and enjoy delicious delicacies in its beautiful cafes. Kolonaki is named after the small column which sits in a corner of kolonaki square which is one of the most underutilised platias in Athens, since most people prefer to hang out in the cafes, which have so much side walk space there is no need to expand onto the square.

The neighbourhood is full of beautiful cafes, expensive shops, boutiques, and art galleries and it feels just like you are shopping in the finest areas of Paris. In the winter giant heaters are situated outside so it can be enjoyed all year round. Walk past the cafes and turn left up Anagnastopoula at the top of the square, go right on Iraklitou then up the steps through a small park, this has a lovely play park for children too. From here you can have a seat at the Platia Dexameni, which is said to be one of the best spots in Athens.

There are excellent places to have a delicious lunch with stunning scenery, and a few live animals roaming around, roosters, chickens and possibly a couple of goats. Dexameni means cistern which is what the square sits on. It used to be the water supply for Athens and was actually built by the emporer Hadrian and the ancient walls are still there.

On Fridays there is an organic market from 9am-1pm, there is also an outdoor movie theatre that shows mostly English language films. There are also some of the best hotels in Athens in Kolonaki. The Benaki museum and the Goulandris museum of Cycladic Art are two of the best private collections in Greece and both are located in Kolonaki, as are the museum of the history of Greek costume and the theatre museum.

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