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Piraeus port Piraeus (official spelling now changed to Pireas), is the main port of Athens, then biggest port in Greece. And one of the leading ports in the Mediterranean. Piraeus port is the main point from the city by sea to destinations amongst Aegean islands and elsewhere in the East Mediterranean. It is also used by several cruise ships companies to welcome visitors to Greece.

Things to do:

The most important and most obvious thing to do is to take a ferry across to the various Greek islands. It is a beautiful walk in and around the harbour and you can be sure to see many beautiful yachts and ships; a visit to the archaeological museum of Piraeus, in Ch. Trikoupi Street is worthwhile paying a visit. It was established in 1935 and expanded in 1966; although small it holds a lot of significant pieces in its collection.

Travel to the port:

Getting to the port is very easy due to the amount of public transport available. Using the metro is simple, quick and easy. From the drop off point it is just a short walk to hydrofoils, catamarans and to ferries. Tickets are cheap and metros are frequent. There is a direct airport express bus that runs between the port and Athens international airport. The journey time is around ninety minutes and but tickets are available from the bus driver. Other means of transport connect Piraeus with its suburbs and Athens.

During the summer period many cruise ships arrive at the port. From the cruise terminal it is about a mile south to the metro station, easily accessible by cab or a city bus, or a twenty minute walk. Piraeus also has a beach although not spectacular but a beautiful walks none the less and the walk to the marina can be very relaxing. Eating and drinking at the port of Pireaus is convenient and relaxing. There are seafood restaurants, food stands that sell snacks, cafes for coffee and pastries. There are also hotels available for accommodation purposes that are reasonable in price and also have good access to public transport, which will ensure you get the most out of your stay.

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