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Athens nightlife

Athens nightlife Athens is a fine place for a pub-crawl. There are bars of all types and descriptions, and they are dotted around in clusters in Athens. There are bars for people of all adult ages (18yrs or older), and there is enough variety to please most people. Many bars and clubs will not accept credit cards, and only a minority accept debit cards. Street crime is still a problem at night, just like in the day, but there are often more police lurking around.

Here are a few of the best bars based on their current popularity. However, despite the fact that Athens is relatively small compared with other major cities, it has over 80 nightspots, so you are spoilt for choice.

Brettos Bar

Kydathinaion 41 | Plaka, Athens; This is still Athen’s number one nightspot, and is one of the reasons why Plaka is still as popular as it is. They have a huge menu, a fine selection of beers and wines, and it often crowd free. The music is pleasant, and the staff are friendly.

Athen’s Sports Bar

Address: 3 Veikou St, Athens 11742; Some people like this place and some do not. It is mostly for men, which may be why it has mixed reviews. It is relaxed and friendly, and is especially fun when the FA cup matches are being played. There are many TVs, plenty of places to sit, and a reasonable bar menu.

The Local Pub

Address: Chaimanta 25: here is where you visit if you enjoy different types of beer. They have a wide selection of tap and bottled beer. Many visitors are bowled over by the different selections of high quality beers and reasonable prices.

White Monkey

Address: Giftopoulou 6, Chalandri, Athens. It is very large, and has atmospheric lighting. There is plenty of room in this bar, which means it doesn’t get too crowded. It has a nice atmosphere, and the décor has a mix of modern design with classical elements woven into it. It is reasonably priced when compared with many other bars in Athens.

Comme il FauX Bar

Karitsi Square 6, Athens 10561; If the weather is nice, then this is a great place to sit outside. The surrounding area is picturesque in that it has less graffiti and mess than many other places in Athens. It is only five minutes away from Syntagma square. The bar and building are also very well presented and decorated. It is not as popular as it should be, but it is very highly rated.

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