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Kerameikos Archeaological Museum

Kerameikos Archeaological Museum The Kerameikos Archaeological Museum was built in 1937, and it is located in Kerameikos in Athens. It has early Geometric Art pieces that are as old as 860BC. The museum holds artefacts, sculptures and figurines. The archaeological site has been battered by time and weathering, but the museum holds some of the better preserved items.


Kerameikos Archaeological Museum, Ermou 148, Athens in Greece, 105 53

Finding The Kerameikos Archaeological Museum

If you take the metro, you can get off at the Kerameikos station or Thissio station and walk to the site. Up to ten bus routes pass by the area, as does a trolley route.

Visiting Hours

It is open every for twelve hours from 08:00 to 20:00.

Helpful Information

Take a tour of the archaeological site first and then enjoy the museum, especially if the weather is hot. The museum is at the entrance of the archaeological site. If you look through the museum first, then it makes the archaeological site look a little lacklustre. The figurines in the first room are exquisitely preserved, especially when compared to what you see in the archaeological site. There are three rooms with items from the Kerameikos necropolis. The other rooms have items from numerous historical eras. You may recognise the Dionysios of Kollitos bull sculpture and the Grave relief of Dexileos (390BC) sculpture from popular Hollywood movies.

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