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Hotels in Athens

Athens clubs' Hotels If you are heading out on a club crawl, then beware, because Athens is more of a “bar” place rather than a clubbing location. Nevertheless, there are five clubs in Athens you may enjoy. They are not massive establishments like the ones you may see in Berlin or London, but each have their own charms.

Remember that most only accept cash, some accept debit cards, and very few accept credit cards. To keep things fair, this list was compiled in order of average footfall. The ones at the top of the list have more visitors per week. The entries nearer the bottom of the list is popular, but not as popular as the ones above it.

Times Live Music and Dance Club

Miaouli 13 | Psiri, Athens 10554; this is a small club but popular club, so don’t expect to find a seat. It looks as if the owner decided to turn his pub into a dance club. It has a very cosmopolitan feel, and the atmosphere can become very fun if the right crowd of people get in there.


Address: Kolokotroni 57, Athens; this is a dance club that has a very laid back and fashionable décor. You can enjoy a good dance, or you may find a seat and enjoy yourself. Their use of light allows you to enjoy the frantic dancing side, or relax and savor their unique interior design.

The Gin Joint

You can find it in Christou Lada 1 in Athens; This establishment makes the list because it is a bar/club fusion place, and is often the place where many traveling students end their night. The cocktails are high priced, but are very well crafted.

A for Athens Cocktail Bar

Address: Miaouli 2 - 4, Athens 10554; This is a bar, lounge and club fusion establishment. It is highly rated because it has great views at night. You may take a seat on their roof and see the city light up as the sun sets. The cocktails are also of a very high quality. The drinks are very expensive, but the music is loud and it is usually packed with people.


Address: Lekka 12, Athens 10562; Athens is not a clubbing location, but this bar becomes more of a club during the weekends. They turn up the music and turn on the fancy lights. It is usually more relaxed and laid back during the week, but on weekends it livens up. It is highly rated, but not as popular as the other clubs on this list.

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