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Car rental in Barcelona

Car rental in Barcelona

Online reviews are your best friend when it comes to hiring a car anywhere in Spain. Budget rental firms may offer very low rates, but they may add on extra charges for how many miles you do, insurance fees, breakdown fees, and so forth. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable rental service, then try our booking services and get a great deal with a reputable company. Online reviews in Spanish are also very helpful when trying to find a good service. Plus, you may read Spanish reviews in English with Google Translate. Online reviews in English from tourists are also very helpful because they give you genuine first-hand experiences. In return, you should contribute to the online community and tell your story so that others may benefit.

The bigger cities such as Barcelona are parking friendly even if there are so many people looking for parking spaces. Tourists do not have a harder time figuring out which are permissible parking spots and which are not. You may return to find your rental car has been clamped or towed only if you do not take the time to fully understand the parking rules in Barcelona.

Did you know? Countries such as the United Kingdom have banned towing and clamping because people took advantage of it.

Book with a reputable firm

Many of the small-print paragraphs on rental agreements are the same as any rental agreement you may find in other countries, which means you need to read over the small print carefully the first time you use a new rental service. Things such as scratches and dents may cost you nothing with one firm, and may cost you a deductible with other firms. Other things such as tank refilling charges may apply, where one company charges you a small rate for refilling the tank, and another company charges you three times the cost of the fuel required. Just like with most rental car firms, you need to go over all the imperfections and flaws with your vehicle before you leave the car lot. Make sure that all imperfections and flaws are noted and documented before you leave the car lot, or you will be held responsible for the imperfections/flaws when you return the car. Company workers, cleaners and company drivers are not above passing the damage they did to a car off on the next tourist that walks in.

Book with our reputable firm, and you will be fine because they care about their online reputation and take care of their customers.

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