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Tourism in Athens

Tourism in Athens is varied. Restaurants, bars, cafes put their finest cuisine to the test on thousands of people. Hotels, hostels and B&B’s show you the warm and friendly Greek hospitality. Entertainment and making new friends completes your Greek holiday experience as a tourist.

Athens nightlife

Athens nightlife Athens is a fine place for a pub-crawl. There are bars of all types and descriptions, and they are dotted around in clusters in Athens. There are bars for people of all adult ages (18yrs or older), and there is enough variety to please most people. Many bars and clubs will not accept credit cards, and only a minority accept debit cards. Street crime is still a problem at night, just like in the day, but there are often more police lurking around.

Hotels in Athens

Athens clubs' Hotels If you are heading out on a club crawl, then beware, because Athens is more of a “bar” place rather than a clubbing location. Nevertheless, there are five clubs in Athens you may enjoy. They are not massive establishments like the ones you may see in Berlin or London, but each have their own charms.

Meeting people in Athens

Meeting people in Athens If you are looking to meet people, then the various hostels are a good place to meet a range of different people. The Monastiraki District and Plaka District are nice places to meet new people. You will also meet a lot of new people in the Acropolis, but the hustle, bustle and crowds are not very conducive for making new friends. Most Greek people are friendly, but as with most places, you will find rude and dismissive people. Nevertheless, most people in Athens are aware that tourism powers their micro-economy, and are therefore extra nice to tourists.

Advice on B&Bs

Advice on B&Bs Greece doesn’t usually give star rating to bed and breakfast establishments because they are often biased against them, which means the B&Bs receive unfairly low ratings. However, to compensate for this, there is a “Keys” rating. Apartments, hostels and B&Bs have keys ratings that are very similar to star ratings; many actually consider the keys rating to be fairer.

Just like in the hotels, you shouldn’t expect a toilet with every room. Usually, there is just one bathroom per floor. In addition, much of western Europe has far more advance toilet facilities than what is considered the norm in Greece.

Advice on hotels

Advice on hotels The star rating is a little different in Greece than what you may expect in Western Europe and the US. For example, a hotel may still rank as three stars or higher, even if its toilet facilities are comprised of holes in the ground (no sit-down toilets). The standards are a little lower when compared with other countries.

Hotels in Athens

Athens' Hotels Greek hotel ratings are deceiving. For example, if a hotel is five stars, it is probably only four or three stars by other countries standards. Hotels tend to be rated with stars, and other accommodation is rated with keys. Just because one place has a higher star rating than another, it doesn’t mean it is better or that you will have a nicer time.

Your Stay And Your Luggage: hotels with safes are a big plus, as are hotels with English-speaking staff. Hotels do not tend to have a lot of storage space in Athens, so ask in advance if you are planning on taking a lot of luggage. Most hotels do not have a lifeguard for their pool, so you use it at your own risk.

Food to try as a tourist

Food to try as a tourist in Athens Most Greek visitors are eager to try Greece’s various traditional coffee houses, and there is often a lot of buzz around different types of beer. You will also notice quite a few branded eating and drinking places dotted around Athens, such as McDonalds and Starbucks.

B&Bs in Athens

B&Bs in Athens There seem to be a great amount of B&B in Athens. All of which have good walking access to metro stations, amenities and tourist attractions. B&Bs are scattered all over Athens, there doesn’t seem to be one particular area that more B&Bs are located.

Restaurants in Athens

Restaurants in Athens As far as restaurants go in Athens, there are hundreds to choose from. Even cafes serve good wholesome food. You have top notch restaurants, to light snack cafes who still serve three course meals.

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