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B&Bs in Athens

B&Bs in Athens There seem to be a great amount of B&B in Athens. All of which have good walking access to metro stations, amenities and tourist attractions. B&Bs are scattered all over Athens, there doesn’t seem to be one particular area that more B&Bs are located. Prices will of course vary greatly according to the season but in the summer prices seem to start at around 25 Euros. Although B&Bs in Athens are more difficult to find they are still out there and definitely for the budget traveller. They are still very nicely decorated and provide you with all the facilities you will need. As the price is so much mower than hotels they will get booked up that much earlier so be prepared. A lot of youngsters tend to use these and back packers.

Business people travelling just for a few days will also tend to choose this form of accommodation. They are centrally situated near main metro stations and where public transport stops; they provide all the necessary information for tourist attractions, leaflets and maps. Quite often they have discount vouchers for various attractions too. B&Bs are usually family run so you do get more of the personal touch than what you would do in a hotel. They often have more time to guide you of where to go also.

Another form of B&B is where you find unique accommodation within a family’s home, from houses to apartments, tree houses and igloos. People rent out property or rooms which they do not use, cost is around 15 euro’s per person per night for the first night then some actually lower the price for more nights and also if you need an extra guest come to stay. These are generally listed under air B n B rentals online. Wherever you stay most places provide free internet but check this before you book. Some allow you to bring pets for the duration of your stay but again check this via email even if it doesn’t say on the information provided.

Wherever you choose to stay B&Bs are just a base, where you sleep, shower and have breakfast. All the B&Bs in Athens provide this, no matter how basic or how upmarket. This type of accommodation does not provide facilities as a rule, like a bar, restaurant or a swimming pool. Sometimes they even have the rule that you have to leave the accommodation by a certain time in the morning and prefer you not to return until a specified time.

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