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Advice on B&Bs

Advice on B&Bs Greece doesn’t usually give star rating to bed and breakfast establishments because they are often biased against them, which means the B&Bs receive unfairly low ratings. However, to compensate for this, there is a “Keys” rating. Apartments, hostels and B&Bs have keys ratings that are very similar to star ratings; many actually consider the keys rating to be fairer.

Just like in the hotels, you shouldn’t expect a toilet with every room. Usually, there is just one bathroom per floor. In addition, much of western Europe has far more advance toilet facilities than what is considered the norm in Greece.


5 Dionysiou Areopagitou Str, Athens 11742, this is a bed and breakfast that looks and feels like a hotel. It feels rather luxurious and the food is good, but it is rather expensive. It is priced more like a hotel. It is close to the shopping district and close to the Acropolis. Many people are very pleased with the shower and toilet rooms, especially when compared to most other places in Athens.

A for Athens

Miaouli 2 - 4, Athens 10554, enjoy the views from this B&B, especially from the rooftop bar. The location is ideal for shopping, and you can see the Acropolis from your room. The cost of staying here is on the high side, as are the drinks, but you are paying for the location and views.

Civitel Attik Rooms & Apartments

13 - 15 Eptalofou str., Marousi, Athens 15124, a little more affordable than the bed and breakfasts listed above, but with a touch of luxury and a pool. The rooms are spacious and the amenities are above average. Having a balcony is nice, and the rooms are well ventilated. It is not perfect, there are a few issues here and there, but you get what you pay for, which is why this B&B is highly rated. The staff also seems caring and concerned about your stay and your comfort.

Athens Way

Arachovis 17 | & Ippokratous, Athens 106 80, it is a no-thrills B&B with small rooms, but it is very affordable. For the same price elsewhere, you would get far less. The location is okay, and the staff speak English. Repeat visitors will often recommend this B&B because of its prices and because it is the best of all the “affordable” bed and breakfast establishments in Athens.

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