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Monastiraki neighbourhood Shopping is one of the most popular pastimes both with tourists and the Athenians, and there is no better place to go where you can buy just about everything that you need or want than the flea market at Monastiraki. Monastiraki is the sort of place you may visit if you are souvenir hunting. It is highly pedestrianized with a deep network of alleys and streets. You are surrounded by the remains of Roman and Greek agoras, indicating that people used to shop in that area in ancient times. You are also exposed to the dramatic backdrop of the world-famous Acropolis. There is lots to see, many places to shop, and plenty to eat.

A Lively Night And Day Spot

One may say there are equal amounts to do during the day as there are at night. During the day, you may shop and eat, and at night, you may drink and have fun. There is a line of souvenir shops that run in an unbroken row all the way to the antique shop area in Platia Avissinias. Besides the metro station, you will find an official flea market, and Pandrossou Street has plenty of shops that will interest tourists.

The Flea Market Is Not What You Expect

You may expect stalls, but it is mostly small shops that make up the flea market as a whole. Very few are willing to barter, so do not expect the find many bargains. If you go shopping in the shops in the street, or in the Flea market, you should try not to spend at the first shop you see. Not only will you see better stuff as you go in, but you will also find the same stuff for cheaper prices elsewhere.

Picking The Right Time Is A Matter Of Luck

There is more to do during the tourist season, but there are also different events on different days. One day you may visit and there is a fire show, and another day you may visit and see a show full of singers. You may not enjoy it as much if you are not happy being in big crowds, and you will also find it very noisy in Monastiraki.

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