athens airport taxi

Athens airport taxis

Athens airport taxis As there are approximately 14,000 taxis operating in Athens, finding a taxi at the airport is simple, and hassle free, and you just can’t miss them. No matter what the model of the car is, they are all bright yellow. They are easily found outside the airport by the arrivals exit. Every taxi operates on a 19hr day and drives roughly 350km per day. Double time is operated between midnight and 5am which should show with a number 2 on the meter, otherwise a number 1 will show. It is wise to check this on entering the taxi if it is not a pre paid transfer.

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Booking a taxi

Booking a taxi is best done whilst you are doing your holiday accommodation and flight bookings. It is generally quick and easy to do online with just basic information needed, time of arrival, airport, and hotel and pick up time for your departure. Payment details are quick and easy to follow also. A booked taxi is a safe taxi. This stops cowboy drivers taking advantage of you and knowing you have a reputable taxi company doing your transfer from the airport will surely put your mind at rest. The taxi driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall holding a sign with your name on it. He will take you directly to your hotel and as you have pre booked and having already paid for the journey there is no chance of overcharging and no money hassle.

Airport Transfers

A lot of travellers tend to use the taxi companies or private transfer companies for their journey to and from the airport as it offers more flexibility and they will drop you at more out of the way locations, on a door to door service. These will of course cost more than public transport and other alternatives. There is a shuttle bus which runs every 2 hours from early morning to the evening which is more economical if you are on a fixed budget. Included in shuttle transfer service is: VAT, Taxes, and Luggage service as specified by the company. This bus will drop you at your hotel and collect you again from your hotel lobby when you depart. Please remember that this service only does transfers to Athens city centre hotels and is not suitable for Athens coastline or Piraeus.

Booking a secure transfer

Booking an airport transfer can easily be done online, fill the form on this page or book straight on the Taxileader Athens Airport Taxi page. There are many different companies offering various fares and conditions. Travelling time into the centre of Athens depending on traffic usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

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