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Monument of Lysikrates

Monument of Lysikrates The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates was built/commissioned by Choregos Lysicrates. He was a patron of performances that were undertaken at the Theater of Dionysus. He had the monument built to celebrate one of the performances he sponsored winning a first prize in a competition. It was built around 335-334 century BCE. The monument is historically known for being the first to use the Corinthian order on a building’s exterior. The style has been reproduced and copied around the world. Some visitors call it a hidden monument because it is of such massive historical importance, and yet it is tucked away and easy to miss.


Lysikratous Square (off Vironos Street), Plaka ,999-20 Athens, Greece.

Finding The Monument of Lysicrates

Most people find it as they are walking from the Acropolis into Plaka. You may also find it as you go from the Acropolis metro station and start walking along Amalias Avenue. You can get to Lysikratous square from Vrionos street too.

Visiting Hours

It is on a street, so the visiting hours are whenever you wish. There is also no admission price because it is simply a monument behind a metal fence just off a street next to Lysikratous square.

Helpful Information

Monument of Lysikrates It is a very historic and important monument, but you may not be devastated if you miss it. Most people say they find it by accident after visiting the Acropolis or while making their way into Plaka. The square and local area has some nice restaurants and shops, so it is often worth a visit.

Sadly, there is graffiti everywhere, which spoils the area a little. It feels hidden, and there is a small park where you can get a little shade and maybe eat a little. It looks a little neglected, and there is very little signage pointing you towards it, though there is a small metal panel with information on it.

If you do miss the monument, then take a look at a few photos on the Internet. You will see the four columns that appear to hold up the part at the top. Obviously, the rock itself is doing the holding, but the columns are there to give the impression that they are holding up the top part. If you look at photos, you will also be able to see the sculpted flame on top of the monument. You cannot get a close look at the flame from the ground, but you may enjoy the park and the area in general.

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