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The Metro

The Athens metro The Athens Metro is one of the three greatest projects that were accomplished within the new millennium, the other two being the new airport in Spata and Athens ring highway. There are three metro lines in total: green red and blue. The green's line route is Piraeus-Kifisia; the red line's route is Anthoupouli - Elliniko and the blue one is Agia Marina- Doukissis / Airport.

The metro is approximately 178km network serving 73 stations and it is accessible for travellers to be able to reach the Athens airport; the journey time from the airport to Syntagma is about 30 minutes and about 60 minutes to Piraeus. During rush hour trains run every 3 minutes and every 10 minutes during the rest of the day to ensure a smoother journey for all of its visitors.

The stations known as Syntagma, Acropolis and Monastiraki are like public museums because they hold various artefacts that were discovered while the tunnels were being dug and built.

Travel passes

Athens has a few options when it comes to travel passes. They have a 90-minute pass for all modes of public transport, along with a 24-hour pass and a 5-day pass. They also have a 3-day tourist pass, which is over five times more expensive than regular 24-hour pass. It is more expensive because it allows holders to travel on all of Athens’s public transport systems, plus it has fewer restrictions than the standard travel pass. You can pick up a tourist travel pass at the Athens Airport bus and metro station. They are also available in Omonoia, Thiseio, Syntagma, Akropoli, Piraeus and Monastiraki, metro stations.

Discounts on travel tickets are available for children between 7yrs old and 12yrs old, and teenagers from 13yrs old to 18yrs old. If you are over 65yrs old, you may also qualify for a discounted ticket. These reductions apply no matter what your nationality. There are also a slew of different passes available for students inside and outside of Greece, and you may apply for a special pass if you are Greek and have four or more children.

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