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Transport in Athens

Athens Tram

There are various means of transport accessible to the public in Athens. For example buses, Trams, the Metro and Taxis. Public transport in Athens is generally inexpensive and reliable. The transport system was newly modernised in the last 7 years including new roads and bridges, a new rail network, and new modern means of transport like the Athens Metro, the suburban railway and the Athens trams. These have all helped to reduce the transportation problems and all together played a key role in reducing the atmosphere pollution of the Attica Basin.


Trains Your train journey through Greece will be unforgettable. Greece is a mystical blend of ancient history and modern day hedonism. Athens has a suburban railway that offers travellers a very fast, affordable and reliable travel option.

The Metro

The Athens metro The Athens Metro is one of the three greatest projects that were accomplished within the new millennium, the other two being the new airport in Spata and Athens ring highway.


Tips on how to get the  best out of using public transport

Disable access, this varies. On the newer buses and on major routes buses provide a lift and a space on the bus for wheelchairs.

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