Athens walking tour

Athens walking tour Why not take a celebrated and time-honoured Athens walking Tour?

A walking tour is an unrivalled way of seeing the city the way it was supposed to be seen. Walking tours are so popular that many parts of Athens have been pedestrianized to encourage more walking tours. Athens is a place of history and beauty that cannot be appreciated by speeding past in a car or on a train. The true historic value and stunning views can only be appreciated on foot, up close and personal.

How Long Does It Last?

The times vary depending on how busy the town is, what events are going on, how large the walking tours is, and what the weather is like. The average walking tour will last between four to eight hours. If you have trouble walking, then there are alternative transport options that you may hire at an extra cost.

What Can You See On The Walking Tour?

Monastiraki view You will first be picked up at your hotel and whisked to Syntagma Metro station where the journey begins. It is nestled in the heart of Athens and is a nice gentle starting point for the tour. You then walk to the Royal Palace where the Greek parliament is held. If you are lucky, you will see the changing of the guard, which is an exciting and moving display.

You are then taken to the National Gardens, where the cold beauty of the historic city is highlighted and brought to life. Then you move on to the Temple of Zeus, where the mythical god was worshipped all those years ago.

The walk then proceeds around the outskirts of the world-famous Acropolis. If you like the look of the place, and the weather is nice, then the walking tour may take a detour inside the Acropolis, though you will have to cover your entrance fee. After seeing the Acropolis, you are taken to Plaka, where you will be astounded by their labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture.

After experiencing the exquisite Plaka neighbourhood, you are able to have a little fun shopping at the Monastiraki flea market. You are also walked around the market area where you may see the Roman and ancient Greek Agoras that have been there hundreds of years.

Things To Remember

Remember that you are being picked up at your hotel, so you do not need to make your way to the starting point unless otherwise instructed. Dress for the weather on the day, and do not wear anything that will chafe as you walk. The tour does not include museum or attraction entrance fees, and you are able to add a coffee stop during the tour. You are probably better off buying things near the end when you enter the flea market. If you buy things in shops early in the tour, you will have to carry your bags around with you for hours.

You are going to need good footwear that you have worn in (not new) because four to eight hours of walking may be a bit much on your feet otherwise. Your shoes should have good grip because there are stony parts of the tour that may be a little slick underfoot.

Athens is a city of history and wonders. The town has been reengineered and sculpted for pedestrians, with more and more areas becoming pedestrianized by the day. As a result, the best way to see Athens, is on foot.


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